Welcome to PT. Lam Seng Hang Indonesia

About Our Company


PT. LAM SENG HANG INDONESIA prides itself on enabling to allocate adequate resources, particularly in stocks and distribution areas. 

We understand that our customers rely on our undisrupted raw material's supply, necessary for their production and timely delivery services. 

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Company Timeline

Here are some of PT. LAM SENG HANG INDONESIA milestones.

  • 2000

    PT Lam Seng Hang Indonesia was established in Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • 2004
    Surabaya Office

    PT LAM SENG HANG INDONESIA set up its first branch in Surabaya, Indonesia.


  • 2010
    GO-LIVE SAP Implementation

    PT. LAM SENG HANG INDONESIA secured its business premises in the heart of Jakarta and implemented Go-live SAP application.

  • 2012
    Expanding to Pharmaceutical

    PT. LAM SENG HANG INDONESIA expanded its business fields to food and pharmaceuticals industries.

  • 2017
    Upgrade IT

    Huge restoration on Information Technology System. The chemical division was officially announced in Lam Seng Hang Indonesia website  in September 2017.