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Eid-Al-Fitr Holiday Announcement

Dear Valued Business Partners and Customers To commemorate Eid-Al-Fitr 1443, please note that our Head Office and Warehouse are closed from 28th April 2022 - 6th May 2022. We will operate normally on Monday 9th May 2022. If you have any inquiries on products that we can offer you, please drop us a message using Contact Form available on contact us section. Our Teams try their best to get in touch with you as soon as possible Thank You for your attention. Have a blessed Eid-Al-Fitr holiday!

Honey Crystallization: A Natural Process

Honey crystallization the formation and growth of sugar crystals in a container of honey. Crystallization is a natural process and not a sign of adulteration or spoilage. Due to its physical properties, honey initially tends towards natural crystallization, as it is a supersaturated sugar solution. Honey is mainly comprised of two sugars: fructose and glucose.

The starting point of a crystallization depends on various factors. The main reasons involve the fructose/glucose ratio (F/G) and the glucose/water ratio (G/W). A high F/G and a low G/W generally have a slow crystallization process. When the level of glucose increases, it becomes insoluble in the water, and crystallization will happen.

Another common reason for crystallization involves the storage temperature, which contributes significantly to the formation of crystals. Ideally, honey should be stored in either a cool location (lower than 4°C) in order to reduce the mobility of sugar molecules or at a high temperature (greater than 25°C) in order to ensure the crystals liquify and the degree of the supersaturation of glucose decreases.

There are many further external factors influencing the tendency of a honey to crystallize. The treatment of honey during processing and bottling plays an important role for the crystallization behavior of the finished product. Even the packaging type and material affects the long-term stability of honey with regard to crystallization. Plastic bottles boost the process of crystallization more than glass. 

Lastly, crystallization can also depend on how honey is processed. Raw honey with zero preservatives is a desired product, as today's consumers are becoming more aware of how their food is made and what may be added. But, when honey is sold raw, it can still have small, honey-typical particles that are present in the liquid, such as plant components, pollen, yeasts, sugar crystals, and beeswax. While these are all safe and edible, they provide starters to the crystallization process.

Unfortunately, crystallization is not a desired outcome. When honey crystallizes, it stops the ability for technological processing and increases the turbidity of the product. Even though crystallized honey is safe, a cloudy-looking jar of honey is more difficult to sell to consumers. Furthermore, a separation into a crystalline and a liquid phase reduces the microbial stability of the honey due to the elevated moisture content in the upper layer.

Source : Meixner & Bellesen. 2021. Honey Crystallization: A Natural Process.


Happy Season Greetings

Dear Valued Partners and Customers On behalf of all Managements and Staffs of Lam Seng Hang Group Indonesia, we extend our warm wishes of Season Greetings May this holiday seasons brings joy, happiness, prosperity and peace to you and your loved one. Have a wonderful and blessed holiday season!

COVID-19 Donations

In line with our motto is "Together We Drive the Business Forward", we believe, to build and to achieve successful and fruitful businesses that are beneficial to our stakeholders, we need to come together as solid teams, not just between within employees , but to community surrounds us. That’s why we are actively engaged in a myriad activities to appropriately address the needs of our local communities, as well the needs of our future generations.

With the recent COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak in Indonesia, PT. Lam Seng Hang Indonesia came out with a CSR program to distribute daily life needs to those who needs help. Our vision is to support the company's CSR program and to show the community that we are capable in building harmonious relationship with the community surrounds us alongside with the surrounding environment

The company donated daily life needs (daily groceries) such as Rice, Cooking Oil, Instant Noodles, Sugar and other basic necessities in several areas such as Balikpapan, Jakarta, Cibubur, Bekasi, Depok, Bogor to peoples whose daily income was affected by COVID-19 pandemic such as scavengers, street sweeper, application based motorcycle taxi drivers (such as Grab / Gojek), conventional taxi drivers, public transportation drivers, peddlers (grocery merchant & hawkers). 

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Happy National Day Singapore

Dear Valued Singapore's Business Partners, Suppliers and Customers

On behalf of all Managements and Staffs at PT. Lam Seng Hang Indonesia, we extend our wishes

Happy 56th Birthday Singapore
Happy National Day

Lets we come together as One People, One Nation, One Singapore.
Together Our Singapore Spirit.